Thursday, February 3, 2011

Junk Mail Junky

Am I the only person in the universe that looks forward to junk mail?  Not just any junk mail of course, but any catalog or brochure that is related to wooly bits.  I love to look at the patterns, colors of the yarn, the titles of new books.  I lust after the floor weaving looms.  (Even though the place I currently live couldn't hold one.)  I drool over spinning wheels, drop spindles, niddy noddies, and skein winders.  I consider how long it will take me to save for the one ounce of Qiviut, Buffalo, or Yak.   Maybe it's the possibilities that I find so intriguing. 

My love of junk mail and the possibilities has me wanting to order more catalogs.  But I can justify this.  I'm keeping my local mail carrier employed.  Okay, sure, I'm killing a few more trees--unless of course the paper is being recycled.  But those possibilities are so hard to ignore.

Has my problem become serious; is it impacting my family, career; do I need a twelve-step program or an intervention; do I care?  No not really.  Got to go, hubby just brought in the latest Knit Picks catalog....must check out the newest possibilities and plan the upcoming and future WIP.

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