Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year-New Craft

As many of you know, I've been a knitter, crocheter, tatter for many years and have in the past five years learned how to spin (still learning) and weave (very basic).  I am motivated this year to develop my spinning and weaving skills to more than just the basics.

However, I have always had a fascination with quilting.  I remember as a young girl watching the older ladies sitting around a large quilting frame in Mrs. Darden's house.  Mrs. Darden was a woman that as a young girl came with her parents to Oklahoma for the land run.  The quilting frame belonged to her mother.  The ladies in the neighborhood would sit around this quilting frame talking,  laughing and gossiping while lovingly hand stitching these beautiful works of art.  I loved watching them hand stitch those quilts.  When Mrs. Darden died, my mother inherited the lovely quilting frame and still has it to this day.  With any luck, mom will remember that I want to inherit the quilting frame as well.

So this year, I decided that I wanted to make a small lap quilt.  I found that Craftsy had a free Quilt Block of the Month class and immediately signed up for it.

Little did I know that quilting tools are a little expensive let alone how much the cost of cotton had  gone up.  Wow, I really haven't  spent much quality time with my sewing machine in a very long time.   But, being the typical, money conscious working housewife, I started coupon shopping for my tools.   My local thrift shop has lovely cotton fabric in 1/2 yard bundles for as little as $1.99 and if I go on Thursday, I get 25% off with their discount coupon.  Who would have thought that a  thrift store could offer a discount coupon.  Yep, I am cheap woman. 

In addition, I was extremely excited to find that many of the local craft stores offer 50% off coupons for any single item in the store.   First item, self-healing cutting matt.  Thank you A.C. Moore for the 50% off-normally $22.95, mine for only $10.59 including sales tax.  Savings $12.36.  Even better, I got another 50% off coupon at the register for my "next visit". 

So with a little patience, loads of coupon shopping and carefully monitoring my craft budget, I plan on finishing the quilt by the end of the year.  Sure, I could probably go out and buy all the supplies at one time and pay full price; but, I really want to see how much money I can save.  So happy New Year and Happy Crafting to all of you.  Till next time.

P.S.  Yes, I will send photos of progress.
P.S.S.  Yes, I still plan on knitting my adorable hubby a pair of socks for each month of the year-can't give up the knitting addiction totally.