Sunday, October 31, 2010

What's Your Ideal Vacation

So, this week I'm on vacation. I got to thinking about what an ideal vacation would be like. Several years ago, my DH and myself went to Scotland. It was an intense 9 days filled with airline flights, layovers, missed connections, arriving at our destination; and, then like so many others, spending the next few days cramming in as much as we possible could in a short amount of time. I'm sure everyone of us has come back from a vacation like this thinking that we needed a vacation from our vacation.

So, this year, I decided to do what my perception of a vacation should be. I have no agenda. I plan on doing only what I want to do each day. Yes, we are planning on going into the woods for some hiking and camping (since it's November I'm sure that the area we are going to won't be crowded with the typical weekend traffic). But that is the only plan. I'm packing up some wool fiber, my drop spindle, a few knitting projects that need to be completed. I intend to hike a little... just enough to reduce the stress from my work schedule...but mostly I plan on sitting and relaxing and spending some time with my DH.

Yep, no electronic cell phones....laptops....iPods.....none of the trappings (note the word trap) of everyday life. Just me, him, nature and the sounds of woods.

What do I hope to gain? When I return, I want to feel like that for an entire week, I lived in the moment. I took in the sights and sounds of the day. Experienced the simple life. Got back a little bit of my sanity.

What will I give back? Well, holiday presents will be complete (yep the alpha person in me won't let me completely sit on my back side doing nothing). Hopefully, I return to my regular work life with a better perspective and attitude (cause right now my attitude stinks) and be able to bring a little more fun to the work place.

With that in mind....the packing is done, I've found the knitting projects and they are packed next to my seat in the car (yes, I do knit in traffic jams and we are off in the morning.

Talk to you next week.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Repurposed Yarn

Repurposed - to use or convert for use in another format or product.

That's how repurposing is basically defined. For a yarn addict like myself - it's just another excuse to gather more wool (acrylic, cotton, mystery fiber) yarn.

I like the basic concept of repurposing yarn. It justifies my addiction on many levels. I'm saving money-after all, purchasing a wool sweater at the thrift shop and breaking it down to balls of wool costs me very little. My recent purchase, a man's large wool sweater, resulted in 8 skeins of wool for a mere $2.25. If, I'm feeling a little lazy, I can always shop the skeins of yarn that are hanging on the back wall in little plastic bags. Every once in a while, I find a couple of skeins of beautiful angora or some sock wool...but mostly I find those acrylic yarns that those of us who are truly addicted don't mind having in our stash.

I can be popular with the "green" crowd by repurposing. It's a great conversation starter and my ecology-minded friends think I'm doing my part to save the planet.

Ultimately, my reason for repurposing is all about my fiber addiction. I love to give gifts for the holidays, birthdays, etc. Since I have a large blended family, I can give those I love a nice gift - even those who are allergic to wool (see I just justified the acrylic). With the money I save, I can ultimately afford a little splurge down the line for a very nice lace weight or my newest wish list yarn - a little buffalo.

So with that in mind - wait I hear the local thrift shop calling - I think I'll continue to do my part to save the planet and repurpose more.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Stitch A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Fiber addicts, I mean those of us who have a stash of wool, yarn, etc hidden in the closet, attic and basement, really understand how fiber can keep us healthy.

There is absolutely nothing that can ground you more than a few minutes spent knitting, crocheting, spinning or immediately become centered on the project....all outside thoughts seem to disappear and for that short period of time you are only working with the fiber. The tactile sensation of the fiber through your fingers, the smell of the wool all work to bring you back to you true self.

Yep, a stitch a day keeps the doctor away.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just Another Day in Paradise

Well, the holiday knitting is on full tilt and the pressure is on for all of us knitters, spinners, tatters and crocheters to get the "gifts" done.

I actually love this time of the pressure of getting the gifts ready and the anticipation of how they will be received during the holidays. I'm fortunate/unfortunate in the fact that I'm not there when the gifts are unwrapped...don't have to see the looks of disappointment or if the gift is a "keeper" I don't get to see the looks of happiness.