Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Knitting and the Simple Scarf

Scarves have been very popular over the years. I like many other knitters have knit my share of scarves...long ones, thin ones, lace and more.

Like many knitters these days, I'm spending much less on fiber, yarn, and needles; but, I still want to give my friends and family a gift that shows how much I appreciate them.

What could I make with only one skein of yarn. Yes, the yarn is unique. Yes, the amounts are usually small. Yes, this would be a challenge. Wait, I've got it...a scarf.

The scarf pattern would have to be beautiful, not too short, maybe a little lacy. So here it is. I'm not sure that it is an original pattern but after many years reading knitting pattern books, knitting many patterns and adapting ideas that I have seen from others....do any of us really have an "original" pattern. So here it is, does it have a name....yep, let's call it the No Name Scarf.

No Name Scarf

Required Materials:

Difficulty level - beginner

1 skein of yarn - any weight, any fiber

Knitting needles - any size to achieve the effect you would like - larger needles result in a more open lace pattern

Cast on an odd number of stitches (remember the more stitches, the shorter the scarf)

Row 1: Knit 1st stitch, *yarn over,knit 2 together*, *repeat through end of row, turn

Repeat row 1 until you have achieved the length of scarf that you want.

Bind off.

Below is the most recent scarf on the needles.

Happy Holidays and Happy Knitting

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Here's What I Did On My Summer Vacation

As you know, I'm on vacation this week. Knitting for me is therapy. I get into the pattern, the tactile sensation of the wool, the sound of the needles softly clicking and I just zone out. The tension in my shoulders melts away, the frown lines in my face fade into the background and a smile starts to form on my face. Yep...this is my idea of vacation.

So, this week, I began working on a Ravelry KAL (knit along). I liked the idea of a knit along - it gives me a chance to connect with other knitters and keeps me challenged by making something that I would not normally take the time to knit. I was "struck" (pun intended) by how creative the designer, peargirl, must be. The pattern was challenging but not so difficult that I wanted to throw my hands up and quit. I liked the idea that I could "personalize" the end result by changing the colors to suit the individual that is getting this little hat for the holidays. So, here is the end result.

Thanks peargirl for a wonderful vacation day.

Ravelry: DebraEmanon's Dark Lightening